Boatman Group

Boatman Group
Boatman group is a full service marina and fishing center in Helsinki. During a sunny summer day visit our lovely restaurant and have a drink or snack. There is also a boat gear storage where you can find all the necessary parts for your boat or you can repair your boat in here as well. We also provide a place for you boat in summer and winter time. If you are interested in fishing join us in our fishing trips.

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  • Bar
  • Private Parking
  • Internet connection point
  • Restaurant
In 2009 we built a new homeport, full service marina at Blueberryland, Helsinki.
The harbor has 45–50 berth places for sail and motorboats
in the range of 10–20 m and 4–10 m.


Mustikkamaantie 2, Helsinki, Finland
GPS 60.182563 / 24.995999

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The contract is deemed to have been made once the renter has paid the rent. The renter must be over 18 years at the time of booking. The renter must possess the legal capacity and authority to make the booking and accepts these terms and conditions on behalf of everyone in their party.
- In case of causing damage to the equipment during the rent period on fault of the renter, as a result of rough negligence, deliberate illegal actions, management of equipment under the influence of alcohol or other narcotic substances, criminal intention or violation of provisions of the lease, the renter is obliged to compensate an overall cost of the caused damage.
- The renter is obliged to pay attention and take care of the operation of rental equipment and carefully follow instructions.
- The renter is obliged to notify immediately the rent provider and police in case of an accident or theft, thus the rent provider will instruct the renter about necessary further actions;
- The renter is obliged to notify the rent provider immediately a damage occurs in a rental equipment for any reason, to take necessary measures for elimination of damage and to prevent further damage. If a crewmember is injured, the notification has to be made to the public-safety answering point.
- If the renter neglects the mentioned requirements and does not notify police or public-safety answering point and the rent provider in time, he bears full responsibility for the occurred damage.
- The rent provider has the right to terminate the lease contract if it is found out that, the renter violates terms of the contract or that the renter by an objective assessment of the rent provider, is not able to manage the rental equipment operation. The rent provider doesn’t compensate the expenses of the renter.
- The rent provider has the right to terminate the present contract for force majeure reasons prior to the beginning of rent term. The renter in this case has the right for full return of cost of rent. The rent provider doesn’t compensate any indirect expenses of the renter.
- The renter has the right to demand contract cancellation because of force majeure circumstances prior to the beginning of rent term. If the rent provider receives a written cancellation requirement from the renter more than 7 days before rent start date, the renter has the right for return of the paid cost of rent minus the service fee. In case rent provider receives the written cancellation requirement less than in 7 days prior to rent start date, the rent provider doesn’t compensate renter’s expenses, the period of rent isn't subject to be moved;
- If the renter demands contract cancellation for any reason, he has no right for reimbursement, same concerns no show cancellation in day of the beginning of rent. If the rent provider finds a replacing customer the expenses of the cancelled customer will not be compensated.